Océane Ragoucy isaFrencharchitect,curatorandeditor.ShelivesandworksbetweenParisandAthens.

Design: Grégory Ambos, Code: Paul Lacour


Architect, independant curator, author and consultant, I am a lecturer at École d’Architecture de Paris-Malaquais, thesis director ar ENSCI-Les Ateliers and contributing editor at AOC.

I develop a strategic and committed practice in the fields of architecture, art and ecology exploring particularly architecture modes of production, margins, the city’s inner workings and the narrative of ecological issues. My work takes the form of articles, interviews, books, exhibitions and artistic programs, self-publishing and fanzines, films, talks and collective writing projects.

In 2021-2022, I am the co-curator of the exhibition "La Beauté d'une ville" at the Pavillon de l'Arsenal where I conducted 30 filmed interviews of personalities on aesthetic controversies and the ecological transition in Paris. I write articles, catalog essays, columns on "invisible" jobs, and conduct numerous interviews published in the press. I am a consultant (architecture, urban planning, research, strategy, communications, artistic commission, direction and editorial design) on projects of various sorts for public and private clients. In 2022, I am a laureate of FAIRE research project incubator with a project on oral histories of work in Paris. Associate lecturer at the École d'architecture de Paris-Malaquais, I am a thesis director at ENSCI-Les Ateliers.

Trained in cinema, I obtained my Master’s Degree in Arts and Digital Media at Paris I-Panthéon Sorbonne. I then studied between Paris (ENSAPLV) and San Francisco (CCA) obtaining the State Diploma of Architecture and the HMONP (Accreditation of qualified State Architect to exercise in her own name). Later, I joined SPEAP, Bruno Latour's program of experimentation in arts and politics (Sciences Po). In this framework, I was a researcher associated with the prefiguration of the Ateliers Médicis in Clichy-Montfermeil.

Skills: architecture, research, teaching, editing, curating, filmmaking, inquiries, writing, interviews, project management, art direction, artistic commission, strategy, communication.



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  • 2023 / Teaching / Architecture, City, Ecology, Image

    2022-2023 Teaching at Paris-Malaquais architecture school.

  • 2023 / Books & éditing, Interview / City, Ecology, Architecture

    Editing for the daily online newspaper AOC.

  • 2023 / Teaching / Architecture, City, Many

    Teaching, jury and thesis direction.

  • 2023 / Lecture, Teaching / Many

    Seminars, workshops, lectures and round-tables.

  • 2023 / Research, Teaching / Architecture, City, Ecology, Many

    Consultancy in architecture, urbanism, strategy, communications...

  • 2023 / Interview, Research / Invisible, Architecture, Profession, City

    Oral histories of work in the Paris of the 2020s.

  • 2023 / Interview, Article / Profession, City, Animal

    Job interview: Périph's watchpeople "The Périphérique is a loop that has no beginning or end."

  • 2023 / Interview, Article / Architecture, Image, City

    Interview with Francesco Sebregondi: "Police violence cannot be dissociated from the issue of racism"

  • 2023 / Programme, Lecture, Teaching / Architecture, City

    D'autres reliefs, lecture series at École d'architecture de Paris-Malaquais

  • 2023 / Interview / Many, Image

    Interview with Bye Bye Binary: "An inclusive or non-binary typography is a political commitment"

  • 2022 / Article, Teaching / Architecture, Profession

    Why build? Introduction to the Teaching issue of Archiscopie magazine.

  • 2022 / Interview / Image

    Interview with Thomas Sauvin: "There is something magical about anonymous photography".

  • 2022 / Interview / Ecology

    Interview with Romain Troublé: " Sea is not only water!"

  • 2022 / Interview / Ecology, Animal, Profession, City

    Job interview: pigeons and birth control.

  • 2022 / Interview, Article / Invisible, Image, Animal, City

    Interview with Melchior Tersen: "Coming across a fox, for me, is a bit like seeing a really beautiful sky."

  • 2022 / Interview / Architecture, Image, City

    Interview with Mathieu Pernot: "History is written into images".

  • 2022 / Interview / Architecture, Image

    Interview with Maxence Rifflet: "A prison sentence is also an architectural sentence".

  • 2022 / Interview / Invisible, Image, Death

    Interview with Stéphanie Solinas: "Photography is a temporal elsewhere".

  • 2022 / Interview, Books & éditing / Invisible, Image, Architecture

    Destruction is something deeply human, conversation with a blind machine

  • 2022 / Interview / Architecture, Ecology, City

    Interview with Stalker: "Urbanism is obsolete".

  • 2021 / Interview / Architecture, Image, Ground & undergound

    Interview with Éric Tabuchi and Nelly Monnier: "There are 450 to 500 natural regions in France".

  • 2021 / Exhibition, Interview / Architecture, City, Ecology

    La Beauté d’une ville [A city's Beauty] – Aesthetic controversies and ecological transition, an exhibition at the Pavillon de l’Arsenal.

  • 2021 / Books & éditing, Research / Architecture, Ground & undergound, City

    The Earth is an architecture, a book about the interaction between architecture and the Earth.

  • 2021 / Exhibition / Ecology, Image

    Nature is Not your Household, a graphic exhibition-exploration of the concepts behind Emanuele Coccia's philosophy.

  • 2021 / Interview / Architecture

    Interview with Emmanuelle Chiappone-Piriou and Cédric Libert: "Superstudio saw architecture as an autonomous way of thinking the world"

  • 2021 / Article / Architecture, Many

    An exhibition always hides an exhibition, a chapter of the book TransActions

  • 2021 / Books & éditing / Architecture, Ground & undergound, Image

    Of Sand and Stones, a book about the transformation of materials, the literary and architectural culture of sand.

  • 2020 / Interview / Architecture, Ecology, Invisible

    Interview with Philippe Rahm for AOC: "Architecture is an art of creating climates"

  • 2019 / Interview / Invisible, Profession, Animal

    Job: drones "Airspace is immensely more important than space on the ground."

  • 2019 / Interview / Profession, Ecology, Death

    Profession: alternative mortician. "I'm a passerby, I take care of the living ones."

  • 2019 / Interview / Invisible, Profession, Death

    Job: extreme cleaner. "For me, cleanliness is like the perfect crime, it doesn't exist."

  • 2019 / Books & éditing, Exhibition / Image, Invisible

    Tempest under the masque, a collection of limited edition scratch cards.

  • 2019 / Article / Ecology, Many

    Overall technology, an article for the XXIIe Milan Triennale French Section.

  • 2019 / Radio / City, Architecture

    Building and dwelling in Sylvain's Bourmeau radio show "La Suite dans les Idées" on France Culture.

  • 2017 / Exhibition, Research, Workshop / Ecology, Invisible, Ground & undergound

    SOL!, A sound inquiry at the Lyon Architecture Biennial.

  • 2017 / Article, Interview / Architecture, Invisible

    "Pirates at sea, on land, in architecture, in times of crisis": piracy is perhaps one of the most mysterious and fascinating hijacking practices.

  • 2017 / Interview / City, Invisible, Ground & undergound, Profession

    Job: Gravedigger. Digging in the bowels of the city, burying the dead, exhuming the bodies.

  • 2016 / Research, Books & éditing / City, Architecture, Ecology, Animal

    "To build a place", an inquiry on the prefiguration of the Ateliers Médicis in Clichy-Montfermeil.

  • 2016 / Radio / City, Architecture

    Documenting places memory, in Marie Richeux's radio show "Les Nouvelles Vagues" on France Culture.

  • 2016 / Books & éditing / Image, City, Invisible

    The new spirit of vandalism n°12 « Pendant la chute »

  • 2016 / Programme, Lecture, Workshop / Invisible, Ground & undergound

    Air Pariétal, an artistic program on caves and undergrounds in the framework of WELCOME TO CAVELAND! festival.

  • 2016 / Workshop, Research / Ecology, Ground & undergound

    SPEAP in residency at Nanterre-Amandiers theater.

  • 2016 / Books & éditing / Invisible, Ground & undergound, Animal

    The new spirit of vandalisme n°13 "Air pariétal".

  • 2016 / Performance / Invisible, Many

    This Progress, an article about Tino Sehgal's carte blanche experience at the Palais de Tokyo.

  • 2015 / Exhibition / Architecture, Many

    L’autre relief, an exhibition at the Cité internationale des Arts.

  • 2015 / Exhibition / City, Architecture, Invisible

    Seine Saint-Denis Style, an exhibition at the Cité internationale des Arts.

  • 2015 / Books & éditing / Invisible, City, Architecture

    The new spirit of vandalisme n°3 "Seine Saint-Denis Style".

  • 2015 / Interview / Invisible, Architecture, City

    "Bewitchment in the 93", an interview with Ken Sortais.

  • 2013 / Books & éditing / Architecture, City, Image

    Observe and document the uses of the Place de la République in Paris.

  • 2006 / Research / Architecture

    Decosterd & Rahm, art-chitecture, a research thesis on the work of the two Swiss architects Jean-Gilles Decosterd and Philippe Rahm.

  • 2005 / Research / Image

    Aesthetics and practices of VJing, a research thesis on real time image mix.